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Garnet Sand Dryer Machine Ppt

Slag is sent to hopper through belt conveyor or bucket conveyor, and then charger enters into feeding end through feeding pipe.2. Indication of feeding pipe should be more than crater angle of material so that material is smoothly flowed into dryer.3. Dryer cylinder is slightly leaned to horizontal line. Material is added from upper end, while heat-carrying agent is entered from lower end, forming counter-current contact with material. Sometimes heat-carrying agent and material are flowed into barrel.4. With rotation of cylinder, material runs to upper end upper gravity action. When moist material is moved forward in barrel, it directly and indirectly gained supply of heat-carrying agent so that moist material can be dried and sent through belt feeder or screw conveyor in discharging end.5. Inner wall of slag dryer barrel is equipped with lifting board. Its function is to lift material and spread increase contact surface of material and air flow so as to improve drying rate and accelerate material.6. After heat-carrying agent is dried, cyclone dust collector shall gather material carried by gas (heat-carrying agent is generally divided into hot air and fuel gas).For further reduction of tail gas dust load, it can be discharged after passing bag-type collector or wet collector.

Alfalfa/Straw/Husk/Grass Crusher1-2T/H,75KWcrushing of lighter materials such as alfalfa, straw, chaff, grass and etc.

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More than any other factor, the method of conveying the feed through the dryer governs the outward appearance of a dryer and limits its operating parameters. While free-flowing granules can be handled in a variety of ways, more awkward materials like loose fibres, which can tangle together, and very wet sticky feeds require special techniques. The following table illustrates the range of conveying methods adopted industrially.

Sawdust dryer is also known as wood chip dryer or wood shavings dryer. Sawdust dryer machine can conduct both drying and cooling and save more energy than common dryers to save the cost mostly. It is mainly used to dry large particle materials like ore powder, coal slurry, and coal sawdust in sawdust, vinasse slag, rice husk and other industries.

washing sand, conveyor belts, and a control system. The raw material is regularly fed to the first crushing machine by vibrating feeder for necessary crushing to required dimensions. The elementary products are transferred by the conveyor belt to the second crushing machine for additional crushing. The products are separated according to the requirements by vibrating screen, and those requiring additional crushing are fed back to the impact crusher. The sand produced is washed, and the size of sand produced is in accordance with the requirements of the customer. The impact plate fixed in the machine body is normally produced from chromium cast steel, and is highly resistant to abrasion. An air cycling device is included in the system that produces wind to minimize the dust, and ensure its discharge to the atmosphere. It should be ensured that a sand making machine should be environmentally friendly, with low noise and dust.

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There are two different types of pellet mills.The main difference lies in the type of die used to form the resulting pellets:

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Using superheated steam as the drying media has many advantages over the air and the exhaust gases [18, 60, 61]. The energy consumption in the air drying is more than the superheated steam drying [25]. In the superheated steam drying, the risk of oxidation and the fire are highly unlikely due to the oxygen-free atmosphere [60, 61]. Therefore, the drying temperature can be raised and the higher drying rates can be achieved [18]. The exhaust of the superheated steam drying is pure steam, and so its latent heat can be recovered by the condensation [8, 49, 53]. Moreover, using superheated steam for the coal drying with high capacities in the power plants seems more effective than the others [6].

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