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High Quality Dry Fly Ash Dryer Machine

We have over 20-year drying machine manufacturing experience, specialized in customizing the most engergy saving and efficient dryers.

Drying the wet saw dust into optimal moisture (8-14%) for making wood briquettes . 2. Drying the biomass material to the moisture (8-17%) for making biomass wood pellets 3. Drying the wet wood flour into best moisture(below 15%) for making WPC products 4. Essential drying equipment in wood or biomass briquetting plant.

As the high density and the hollow shape, the briquette becomes an ideal material to make charcoal, the high density ensures a long burning time, and the hollow shape makes it easy to turn into charcoal, which not only helps you to save time as well as the energy cost on the charcoal making process.

The environmentally friendly sludge dryer designed and manufactured by our company can dry the sludge to the required moisture and facilitate the production of sludge bio-organic fertilizer.

The material input into the drum dryer, it will contact the hot air flow and begin the drying process. The material is added from the higher end, the heat carrier enters from the lower end, countercurrent with the material. However, there is also a heat carrier and material that flow into the cylinder together. The wet material will directly or indirectly get the heat from the heat carrier and will be dryer finally. Then, the dried material will be output through the conveyor belt or screw conveyor.

This machine does not have the bottom with screen, so more than 100 kinds of materials can be crushed and the machine will never blocked. Even the materials that have just been brought up from the water also can be smashed and will not be blocked by wet materials, avoiding the burning of the motor and affecting production.

Clemco was founded in the USA in 1949 with the joint goals of providing revolutionary high-production abrasive blasting technology and of setting a new standard for product quality, maximum efficiency, operator safety and comfort.

Feed Bin: Feed Bin & Weigh Conveyor to Dryer. Dryer: 7’ x 35’ Diameter Direct Fired Dryer With 20 mm BTU/HR Burner. Cyclone: Vertical Cyclone. Oxidizer: Oxidizer With 22 mm BTU/HR. Heat Exchanger: Tubular Heat Exchanger With Fan. Evaporative Cooler: Vertical Down-Draft Water Based Evaporative Cooler. Scrubber/Acid Gas Scrubber: Water-Based Particulate Scrubber And Acid Gas Scrubber. Controls: Control House, Controls, Starters, Wire.

Fibermax® Duraboard® 1700 is an extension to the Fibermax® product line. These board products exhibit excellent thermal stability (low shrinkage) at very high operating temperatures.

The ever increasing deficit in housing supply in Nigeria which is estimated at over sixteen million {16,000,000} units and the need for the construction of other important infrastructure if the country is to meet up with the vision 20:2020 project of becoming amongst the top 20 economies in the world by 2020 continues to drive the need for the use of modern equipment in the dredging of sand, in order to meet with demands.

Unifrax is recognized as a leader in microfiber process and product innovation. Our fiber products are distinguished by their high specific surface area, high tensile strength, consistent glass chemistry, and purity.