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Applicable Materials: limestone, ardealite, dry-mixed mortar, slag, clay and coal slime.

Ball Transfer tables or conveyors use a series of mounted ball casters to allow for unpowered, multi-directional conveyance of the product. Key specifications include the ball material and size. Ball transfer conveyors are used in material handling applications such as assembly lines and packaging lines, among others. When positioned where multiple conveyor lines meet, they are used to transfer products from one line to another and are often used in sorting systems. Many sizes and load carrying capacities are available. Ball transfer conveyors are not powered and rely on external forces to move the product along the conveyor.

Fly Ash LECA Production Line is a kind of process to produce LECA from fly ash. The disposal of fly ash become the environmental problem for the enterprise and country. The current environmental protection approach is to produce lightweight expanded clay aggregate from fly ash.

These types of sandpaper grit classes ensure rapid material removal. As per FEPA standards, these are classified as P40 or P50 and are denoted as 40, 50, or 60 by CAMI standards. The typical diameter of the sandpaper grit ranges between 336 to 425 micrometers. This sandpaper allows you to clear away a layer of finish or debris with little effort. However, it may not leave behind the smoothest surface texture.

Without proper solutions, iron ore fines produced in iron ore processing will be flew away by rainwater or blew away by wind, thus resulting in resources waste and environment pollution as well. YUKE iron ore fines briquetting machine is the most ideal equipment specially designed for processing these iron ore fines. This metal powder briquette machine can be used to compress iron ore fines, iron powder, mill scale, steel powder, ferrosilicon powder, etc. to form differently shaped briquettes that are rigid and unbreakable in the process of transportation and smelting.

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I've been making "fake rocks" with concrete and those styrofoam containers that you get with meat and fish from the grocery store.I simply cover foam piece with concrete using a trowel then, when it's dry about 12 hours later, I flip it over and continue to add concrete to the rest of the foam.I've made at least a dozen of these to use in what will eventually be my Zen garden to cover the clay and (expletive deleted) Johnson grass which is almost impossible to get rid of any other way. I first place recycled plastic bags that topsoil came in on top of the ground, then put the "fake rocks" on top.Eventually gravel will go on top of that.They're lighter than real rocks and do the job. "Styrofoam at the core of sculptures helps cut down on the weight a lot."This is what I was taught in a college sculpture class.Of course it's more complicated in that you have to place concrete lattice (the kind used to anchor concrete to the side of buildings) in order for the concrete to stick to the foam, and then you have to make sure that the thickness of the concrete is at least 1/2 inch or the stuff flakes off as has happened with one of my attempts at making a sculpture. (Now I have to go and "repair" the sculpture by adding more concrete.)(see pic attached of the "concrete Tori")Thanks for the idea about using styrofoam packing peanuts.I hate those things, but now I have a way to dispose of them and make something useful as well!

Our laundry cubby has 7+ inches of room behind the appliances - enough for the hoses, cords, & dryer vent. To prevent the washer from walking too far back, we inserted 7 inch long chocks of 4x4. A couple pieces of 2x4 keep the machines from bashing against the walls.

The largest dryer on our list, the Maytag MEDB955FC, boasts a capacity of 9.2 cu. ft., which can take a laundry load of about 6.1 cu. ft., should be able to dry any laundry load that the Kenmore Elite 31633, the largest washer we've ever tested, can fit in a single cycle. According to Kenmore's website, that's about 30 bath towels into a single load. Clearly, if you have lots of kids and adults in a single household, you'll need a dryer that can properly dry whatever size laundry load your large capacity washer can fit.

The primary methods used to commercially dry manure fibers include: fluidized bed dryers, flash tube dryers and rotary Bedding Dryers. Each one of these methods comes with a list of pros and cons. Some advantages of using a rotary Bedding Dryer include simplicity, greater flexibility in feed rates and product sizes, and product uniformity.

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Wood pellet moisture control is one of the major challenges faced by pellet manufacturers. Being proactive with moisture measurement and control can result in tremendous cost savings in the manufacturing process and help eliminate the chance of packaging wet or low quality product. Process Sensors’ online moisture sensors provide continuous, non-contact moisture measurement throughout the manufacturing process for closed loop control throughout the wood pellet manufacturing process.