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The heat consumption of paddle dryer is low: No heat carried out by the air because of indirect heating. There is the heat insulation layer with the exterior wall of the dryer, turn to the slurry material. If evaporating 1kg water, it will consume 1.2kg steam.

In general, high efficiency has a closer relationship with advanced technology. Beston biochar making machine has introduced the advanced biochar production technology of one fire with two steps, which is the domestic initial. Now I will give a brief description of this technology: during the charcoal carbonization process, the raw materials will generate charcoal and combustible gas in the biochar furnace under the high temperature heating; then, with the increasing of volume, the combustible gas will raise and enter the spay dedusting system to remove the sulfur components; after that, the combustible will be further processed by condenser system to extract tar and wood vinegar; finally, due to the higher caloric value, the combustible gas will be recycled to heat the carbonization furnace and dryer device by the draft fan. In this way, the whole carbonizing procedure just consumes a little traditional fuel, which can not only save energy, but also can reduce pollution. Watch Beston charcoal making machine on working video here.

Having now more particular reference to the drawing, there is shown a process according to the present invention, for the purification of silica sand from the iron impurities that stain the individual particles thereof, and which comprises feeding the sandstone as extracted from the place of beneficiation, illustrated by means of the pile 1, by means of any suitable conveyor 2, into a grinder or crusher 3, in order to uniformly reduce the particle size of the mineral ore, such that the further treatment be effected with more efficiency. From the grinder 3, the ground ore is passed by means of any suitable elevator or conveyor 4, into the washer 5, wherein the mineral ore is washed with water in order to form a suspension of clay-binder material which is extracted through line 6, whereas the heavier silica sand particles with the remaining adhered clay-binder, is passed through line 7 in the form of a heavy water suspension, into an attrition-scrubber 8, wherein the sand particles in suspension are forced to be rubbed against each other, in order to release the clay type binder for further removal thereof. Of course it will be obvious to any one skilled in the art that this combination of steps of washing and attrition-scrubbing, may be repeated several times in accordance with the needs, three of said repeated steps being normally used in plants for purifying silica sand.

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It is one more particular object of the present invention to provide a process of the above mentioned character, which will be fully capable of removing practically the total amount of impurities of iron contained in a silica sand, even those which are in the form of strongly adhered stains on the individual particles of said sand.

The effect of varying amounts of the rock-forming elements iron, calcium, and magnesium on the determination of approximately 2,000 ppm Cu, Mn, Rb, Sr, and Zn; and 5,000 ppm Ba and Pb was studied by adding 1, 2, and 5 percent Fe and Ca and 0.5, 1, and 2 percent Mg to a granitic stream-sediment sample. This sample had been determined to contain approximately 3 percent Fe, 2 percent Ca, and 1.5 percent Mg by emission spectroscopy prior to the above additions. The general decrease in apparent concentrations of Ba, Cu, Mn, Pb, Rb, Sr, and Zn produced by the addition of Fe, Ca, and Mg is shown in Figure 1. The suppression produced by Fe is greater than Ca, which is greater than Mg. The effect is generally greatest on Pb and Ba and least on Cu and Zn. Variations in iron, calcium, and magnesium concentrations encountered in stream-sediments samples will have an effect on the determination of from 100 to several thousand ppm concentrations of the elements studied.

Users loved the short and gentle steam programme that safely removes odours and reduce creases in dry fabrics. You can also finish your wash cycle with a gentle steam so clothes need little to no ironing.

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Figure (1)-left upper: Single-Cylinder Dryer; right upper: Double-Cylinder Dryer; left lower: Three-Cylinder Dryer.

In the following content, Shunxin will introduce more details about our crusher machines to you. For your better understanding, we will introduce these crushers relatively in organic fertilizer production lines and compound fertilizer production lines.

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